The Premier League & Global football
Social Media Investment Opportunity


Fanteeza . . . . . A global opportunity

INSTAGRAM - sold to Facebook for $1 billion
WHATSAPP - sold for $19 billion
SNAPCHAT - Valued at $7 billion
Fanteeza - $?

  Know your players . . . . . . . Know your audience
• Premier League has an estimated global audience of 4.7bn viewers and viewed in 643 million homes
• 42% of all UK adults (20.3m) aged 18+ follow football (81% male, 19% female)
• 32% of all UK fans follow matches on their smartphones
• 71% of all internet users access social media via their mobile device
• Twitter adds over 300,000 new users every day
growth +44% each year to a staggering 500 million users in 2014
• 2.5bn photographs are uploaded to Facebook every day
• 35% of all football supporters follow their team on Twitter
  How does it work . . . . ?
FANTEEZA – the revolutionary new FREE app for every football fan to follow their team and taunt their friends. Regarded by some as the ‘Twitter of football’,
the opportunities to develop and market the Fanteeza brand globally are phenomenal. Unlike other social platforms, Fanteeza is interactive between fans and friends :
• Users will receive streamed scores and match decisions as they happen
• Users will receive an animation of the team player featuring their goal celebration
• Immediate messages can be sent to the users friend of an opposing team , or to their address book,
showing their player’s goal celebration along with their message (tease)
• Fans ‘teases’ will also be streamed on the dedicated website and other social channels
• Fans receiving a ‘tease’ will sign up to the free app, to send a reply, thus the platform will increase exponentially as the user base grows
  Fanteeza . . . . . . The profit opportunity
With UK social media users spending an average of 13 minutes of every hour of every day on their devices, global brands have seen the opportunities to engage with a social media hungry audience.
• Social platforms are seen to be 100 times more cost efficient than mainstream advertising
• Fanteeza offers a lucrative ROI with competitive ‘Cost per Thousand’ user rates comparible with the likes of Twitter, Facebook , You Tube
• Advertising available for title sponsor, on screen adverts to mobile devices and on the Fanteeza website and all social media channels.
• Additional revenues from competitions and user interactive activities, engaging with teams.
• A team focussed version will be offered to each club to feature with their own apps








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